How to check if your vehicle has insurance cover

How to check if your vehicle has insurance cover

The Hellenic Information Centre has launched a website through which everyone can check in real time if their insurance plan is valid. The process is very simple, please follow the guide below and check your vehicle’s cover!

Step 1

- Visit the Hellenic Information Center website:

hic p1


Step 2 

- Fill in the field 'Αρ. Κυκλοφορίας' by entering the vehicle registration number in Greek as it appears in your licence.

- Fill in the field 'Α.Φ.Μ.' by entering the Greek Tax Number of the policyholder  

- Fill in the anti-spam check characters

- Click the 'Αναζήτηση' button.

The system will then will show a text message with details of the duration of your insurance contract and the insurance company:

hic p2

Copy and paste this text message to Google Translator to view it in English.


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