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All our Travel Insurance Plans are insured by Lloyd's of London
and were created for you based on a simple principle

'Best Coverage at Affordable Price'

Provided you are a European resident, whatever your destination or your age (over 65s included),
we've got you covered!

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The Best Travel Insurance Coverage Plans for EU Residents

We have arranged the following coverage plans for our Single-Trip, Annual and Long-Stay Travel Insurance services.

Economy option. Basic coverage that makes sure all medical expensess will be covered.
Regular stay providing more extended level of cover. What we suggest to most cases.
Extended stay providing better medical expenses coverage. Suggested for long distance trips and remote destinations.
Cancellation or Curtailment Charges **
500€ 3.500€ 7.000€
Emergency Medical & Other Expenses 1.000.000€ 6.000.000€ 12.000.000€
Personal Accident  - 32.000€ 64.000€
Dental Treatment 200€ 250€ 250€
Hospital Confinement Benefit 20€/day up to 2.000€ 25€/day up to 2.500€ 25€/day up to 2.500€
Delayed Departure 400€ 600€ 600€
Missed Departure 200€ 1.200€ 1.800€
Baggage 1000€ 1.800€ 3.000€
Delayed Baggage 250€ 150€ 250€
Personal Money, Passport and Documents 250€ 900€ 900€
Personal Liability 1.000.000€ 2.500.000€ 2.500.000€
Rented Accommodation Liability 100.000€ 120.000€ 120.000€
Legal Expenses & Assistance 5.000€ 19.000€ 19.000€
Mugging Benefit 250€ 1200€ 1.200€
Hijack Cover 500€ 600€ 600€

* check below for more details on policy coverage & terms
** when trip cancellation coverage is included in the plan



Detailed Information about our Travel Insurance Plans



Age limits on Travel Insurance for seniors over 65

We offer affordable insurance for senior travellers. Whether your age group is over 65 - over 70 - over 75 - over 80 - over 85 or over 90 years old, we provide the same travel health insurance coverage!

Find below what is the maximum age for our travel insurance plans:

SINGLE TRIP 99 years old
ANNUAL MULTY TRIP 74 years old
LONG STAY STUDENT 55 years old



Coverage details on Travel Insurance with pre-existing Medical Conditions

Our travel insurance plans cover 50+ pre-existing medical conditions without any extra cost! Below you will find important information of the medical conditions that are covered. If you are still uncertain, request a personalized quote instead of using our on-line 'Quote & Buy' system.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Insurance Coverage details

Our travel insurance plans will not cover any claim in any way caused by or resulting from the following:

  1. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19);
  2. any mutation or variation of COVID-19;
  3. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
  4. any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2;
  5. any epidemic, pandemic or mass outbreak of infectious disease;
  6. any fear or threat of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 above.


Why our Travel Insurance Plans are the best in the market?

  • High Coverage Limits

  • Up to 12.000.000€ Medical Expenses

  • Up to 2.500.000€ Civil Liability

  • Up to 99 years old travelers covered

  • Hassle-free & Fast Claims

  • 24h Phone support in 20 Languages

  • 50+ pre-existing med. conditions covered

  • Sport and Professional Activities coverage

  • Pregnancy Coverage

  • Trip Cancellation included in our Plans

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