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john paterakisMotor insurance can be quite complex, but our insurance experts at insuranceline will make it easier by:

  • Understanding your needs
  • Finding you the right policy
  • Working with a carefully selected group of high quality insurers
  • Making sure you are properly covered for any accident or claim
  • Saving you time and money!

Your personal advisor will take the time to fully understand your requirements and then he will search through all the available products our insurance partners have on offer in order to find the very best policies for you - at the right price.

Our partnerships with only the Top insurance companies in Europe ensure that you will get the best possible car or motorbike insurance cover.


Car Insurance Coverage Details

The main advantages of our car insurance plans are:

  • Fair and objective pricing, according to the characteristics of each driver, that is based on scientific research of all the factors that form final policies
  • Multiple options in deductible amounts – Speed 3
  • Agreed vehicle value remains stable for 2 years
  • Vehicle repair, with no need for payment by the policy holder, at a repair shop of our Associate Repair Shop Network
  • After sales service and access to VIP services, such as special prices for car service or free gas control card, at Associate Repair Shops
  • Replacement car option, in case of damage (at Associate Repair Shops)
  • Competitive Prices


Find below more details of our Car Insurance Coverage Plans (Generali):

generali car insurance coverage 2021

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"I would like to express my satisfaction with the service provided by Insurance Company. They provide a comprehensive range of policies and their prices are highly competitive. They have saved me several hundred Euros in premiums. In particular I have been impressed with the Health insurance policies they offer, which seem to me to give excellent value for money. I have also been impressed with the standard of their customer service.

A claim I made recently was dealt with efficiently and fairly and the claims procedure was made straightforward by first-class service throughout. I would add that all the people I dealt with communicated in excellent English.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company."

by Caroline Crowe in Testimonials
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